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Lightbulb To Jeff, SithSeed and the stuff

Congrats for the new site, but I think there is a problem with, its now working as a network
Dont get me wrong, I am one of the biggest fans of your sites and from the DF series, and I know most of you know that, but I think could be improved a lot(I know its hard work, what youv done is invaluable to the community, but It could more practical for everybody if you read my suggestion)

I think you should have a real hub at, with all the forums together.I dont know If there is any way you could concentrate all the UBB data in only one forum, but If you cant maybe It would be good to start the forums from scratch

Besides the forums, the center of the network must be and not, and should be updated regulary, so you can check all news at, and that site redirects you to the specific ones.

I had posted this several times, I think in, and, but I got no reply, so I post it again now that this new site is opening

Again, please dont get me wrong, Im just making a constructive critic, its just my opinion, and Im not underating you work at all, I know its hard to keep a good site up and running
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