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Originally Posted by Ctrl_Alt_Del
IDK. That doesn't seem like Revan.
Does to me. *shrug* Revan played mind games with everybody. She played a mind game with the Jedi by destroying Telos. Kreia says in some of the cut dialog that Revan chose to destroy Telos because it was that last refuge of the Jedi and then they would have no where to run to if something were to happen to their other outposts (Dantooine, Coruscant).

She also played a mind game with the Jedi Council in the form of the Exile. The Exile came back and made the Council doubt their decision to stay out of the Mandalorian Wars.

And we know that Revan played a mind game with the Mandalorians too. Their leadership is decided by who has Mandalore's helm. When Revan defeated Mandalore she took the helmet, and rather than declaring herself the new Mandalore she hid it, so that they would never have a leader and would always be scattered.

So the Telos thing doesn't seem like so much of a stretch, to me. Besides I always disliked the fact that Revan was conveniently absolved of the blame for Telos. It was a cop out. And I applaud Obsidian for trying to make her responsible.

And Carth says he tried to hate Revan after the Leviathan for she's done ("for my wife, for Telos, for Dustil") but he couldn't and he says it's because his revenge on Saul didn't help a damn bit. She's also not entirely the same person, she's still Revan, but not Darth Revan. So I could still see him forgiving Revan even if she did give the order to destroy Telos.

(Granted a lot of that stuff about the mind games is from K2, but to me it fits with the "master tactician" that Revan was always put forth as, and never proved to be, in K1.)

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