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Originally Posted by Tinny
I had a dream, not coincidentally the night I accepted Christ where He spoke to me in a dream with a coherent plot and symbolisms (no other dream I've had has had that).
Have you ever thought about the possibility that it was just that... a dream?
Is it not possible that there is a reason it was the night you "accepted Christ?".

I once had a very detailed dream about my ex-girlfriend the night we broke-up. I wouldn't draw the conclusion that she was some sort of savior attempting to contact me in my dreams.

Also, why haven't I had a dream about Christ? Is it because I haven't accepted him? If that's the case, why do other people that accept him not experience a dream where he is talking to them?

I've also seen people's lives completely transform from the time they actually receive Christ
That could be contributed to willpower... Many born-again Christians choose to be so because that's the only way they feel the could stop their problem (whichever it may be).

My father was an Alcoholic since the age of 13, he one night got a DWI, quit, and still goes to AA regularly.

My father quit his addiction because he found his family and AA. Fairly equal to finding Christ is it not?
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