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Originally Posted by Melly
Does to me. *shrug* Revan played mind games with everybody. She played a mind game with the Jedi by destroying Telos. Kreia says in some of the cut dialog that Revan chose to destroy Telos because it was that last refuge of the Jedi and then they would have no where to run to if something were to happen to their other outposts (Dantooine, Coruscant).
True? Never heard of it. Because:

1 Telos was destroyed by Malak's orders, not Revan's. The first game left it pretty clear.

2 The only time that Telos is a Jedi "stronghold" is about the K2 time. Sure, it was always there, but since the Sith completely missed that part of the world, they mustn't knew about that.

She also played a mind game with the Jedi Council in the form of the Exile. The Exile came back and made the Council doubt their decision to stay out of the Mandalorian Wars.
Uh? That was the Exile decision, no one else.

And we know that Revan played a mind game with the Mandalorians too. Their leadership is decided by who has Mandalore's helm. When Revan defeated Mandalore she took the helmet, and rather than declaring herself the new Mandalore she hid it, so that they would never have a leader and would always be scattered.
Point taken. Or not, I'm still reading through your post to find out the relation between being a manipulator and doing such a brutal act. In fact, he should use more... finesse.


.Bioshock inspiration.

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