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Originally Posted by Ctrl_Alt_Del
True? Never heard of it. Because:

1º Telos was destroyed by Malak's orders, not Revan's.

2º The only time that Telos is a Jedi "stronghold" is about the K2 time. Sure, it was always there, but since the Sith completely missed that part of the world, they mustn't knew about that.
Atris: “It was always intended for the Jedi to retreat to Telos should Dantooine be attacked - taking all their lore with them. We could not allow the tragedy at Ossus to happen again.”
Kreia: “Such an act marked Telos for destruction. It is why the Sith came here, though the fleet commanders did not know why. It is why Revan ordered its destruction to mark the beginning of the Jedi Civil War. It was a message that there would be no place for the Jedi to retreat, to hide. I would not be surprised if Revan left other gifts beneath the surface of the planet - much can be buried beneath graveyards that will never be found.”

"Before the war, Jedi who failed their training were sent to the fields of Telos, to serve the galaxy... not as Jedi Knights, but as farmers and laborers."~ Kreia. This is also backed up in the EU, by the Jedi Apprentice books, IIRC.

Uh? That was the Exile decision, no one else.
HK-47: Speculation: I believe Revan wanted you to face the Jedi Council, master. As if there was something that you would show them and possibly undermine their strength. Perhaps Revan wished the Council to see how far the Jedi had fallen. Knowing Revan, it was no doubt a strategic decision on many levels." Admitedly he does say that's his speculation, but knowing Revan (and how everyone uses the Exile), I wouldn't be surprised if it was true. And HK does act as Revan's mouthpiece in K2.

Point taken. Or not, I'm still reading through your post to find out the relation between being a manipulator and cutting someone's jaw deliberately.
Er, I never believed that Revan did cut off Malak's jaw... If that's not what your other post was about I apologize. *blush* I thought you were talking about Revan being responsible for Telos' destruction?

Indeed. But you still haven't answered the question: Why Revan did that?
Just to be clear, did what? Destory Telos? See above quote by Atris.

"They may not call you a Jedi anymore, but believe me you are. It's not the sort of thing you just stop being. You're stuck with it. Just like you're stuck being the General."
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