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Originally Posted by Melly
If you disregard the quotes by Atris and Kreia that I posted before, it could be read that way. I still don't like it though.
Yeah, of course Kreia lines give it all away, but even if we accept Atris', it won't invalidate the theory that Malak did knew about the Hidden Academy, or at least a Jedi conclave, but not exactly where it was. To keep it on the safe side, he just bombed the hell out of the planet. Forgot the poles, though.

Ah, thank you very much. Man, I'm a wreck indeed.
I'm kinda divided on this theory myself. I think it was the Exile's choice to go back to the Council, but Revan could have stopped her and didn't. Perhaps this is all that HK is really getting at, that Revan let her go to prove a point and strike doubt into the Jedi. If that's the case then it certainly worked.
But Revan couldn't anticipate Exile's very survival, could he/she? The Exile cut him/herself from the Force willingly, it's clear that, when the Mass Shadow Generator was activated, Revan didn't expect anyone to survive; the ships and men that were part of the task-force to Malachor V was even composed of people as to which loyalty towards Revan was on doubt.

Thank you.


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