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Dwain gave Zayne a half-amused look at his remark. He pulled up his cybernetic hand and raised his middle finger. Then looked at the ships computer.

"Everything, except for the Life support and comm link, has been disabled."

"Captain... does this ship have any hidden compartments?

"... I don't know! This is technically not my ship!" but he had a brief thought. "I guess you could try the ceiling vents, but we better hope their search team aren't force sensitive."

The ship was dragged into the mouth of an enourmas hanger. All sorts of droids and heavy machinery were surrounded, and the entire place was shrouded in a shade of darkness. Though it was illuminated by purple lights, decorated as their supposed emblem, surrounded the hanger.

Dwain could sense a strong presence of the darkside within this station. No doubt this is indeed one of the many places of the True Sith.
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