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I wasn't sure at first, but I just checked and it was 28GB. I'm not too surprised though. I've had up to 150GB at one time or two , but I don't count that because it was for recording purposes(ie recording a band to mix and master down to CD tracks) and I wouldn't count that. As for my regular music, 28GB sounds like a lot but I'm rather eclectic when it comes to music. I listen to a bit of everything. Heck I even have recorded "Sounds of Nature" for when I'm not in the mood for music. You name a genre, I've probably got a playlist devoted to it. I could probably start several internet radio stations if I were to start just playing them over teh intarwebz

Oh and before anyone asks, Yes I have the real CD's for everything. Though Jewel cases have been boxed up for years on some of them.
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