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What SWBF III needs is...

- Customizable Weapons Loadouts - With a little work, this would not be over powered, so don't act like it would be. COD 4 uses it, and IIRC, so does BF 2142, and works very well in both.

- Customizable Units - Doesn't need o be in, but it would be nice. Stuff like being able to be a scout trooper with an E-11, or a Rebel in gear from the Tantive IV while on Endo wouldbe fun. Sure it would ruin the canon, but that shouldn't matter in a muliplayer environment, only single player.

- Take Jedi OUT - Serious. It's been debated to death, so I'm not gonna suffer to reiterate the arguments

- More Nuances - Remember in SWBF I, when you where a Rebel Vanguard, and everytime you fired your rocket launcher once, it would fire two. Or that your sniper had a larger clip, but no 20x zoom? Little nuances like this make the game deep and fun, so why leave them out?

- SBD's Should Be Commanders - Magna Guards for commanders was stupid. They didn't have anything which makes them badass, and it made no sense for them to be fighting on the front lines. If anything, they should have been some form of "mini" heroes. SBD's could fill the role nicely, taking bits and pieces from them from other games. Make their wrist rockets good at anti-infantry, bad at vehicles, slow their gate, and maybe give them their shield from RC. That may make it sound like a Destroyer, but you'd have to be smart in how you position yourself with it, and make it so you can't move or shoot while using it.

- Standard Trade Federation Droids Should Be Basic Infantry - Wow, I suck at making bulletin titles. Anyways, make them the basic infantry, with your standard rifle, 'nades, and pistol.

- Or Make Them Interchangable Skins! - If you hate both those ideas, make them skins where you can change their loadouts.

- Darker Artistic Direction It might have just been me, but everything just felt so clean in the first two installments. Even Mygeeto, which is supposed to be a war torn planet, didn't feel gritty enough. Make the game slightly darker in feel, and make places like Theed look lived in, with stuff like trash on the ground, and trees uprooted from previous battles, and make places seem less pristine.

- DMM And Havok - Am I the only one to notice that when shot, you'd either fall on your face, or fall on your back in the same pre-rendered animations? It pissed me off, and one of my favorite things about nearly every other shooter nowadays, is pumping my opponent full of lead, watch him slump on some railing, slip through the cracks, and bounce off some rocks as he falls down. And they should add DMM becuase they can.

- Wii Version - Make the Wii's online worthwhile please...

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