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(in response to the orginal question) WHat I think that people don't like about Vista is that, they don't play the games they like. THink of it like this, XP has been the gaming OS since it came out seven years ago. You kinda have to admire Microsoft for making Halo 2 Vista-only. Not only do they get Halo 2-crazed fans to make impulse uys on flawed technology, they also make money off of the people who try to get around them by sueing them for (I don't know what the real term is but) undermining MS by making an XP patch for it.

But, yeah. VIsta is a gaming computer, if you want great graphics and no plotline. Halo 3 had about, say, 10 guys working on the plot, while there were literally hundreds of people working on the textures and stuff. The guys doing the plotline did a great job though.

I'm sure there are other games like Halo 2 that are VIsta only, but I wqas only using it as an example.

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