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[K1] Robes for Korriban Sith Students

Robes for Korriban Sith Students


Description: Ever notice that the Sith Academy students on Korriban worn Sith officer uniforms? Didn’t you think they should have worn Dark Jedi robes instead? If you agree with me, this mod gives you that change.

I also felt that since Uthar was the leader of the academy, he should have some special armor for himself. He now wears the Sith Apprentice style armor robes. Since Jorak was once the leader before Uthar overthrew him, he has his own set too.

There are some hidden goodies to get and some extra challenges to overcome in addition to the changes put into this mod. One of those changes will be extra Sith students and teachers will pull out lightsabers if the rebellion plot is triggered based on your actions with Uthar and Yuthura when completing the trial given to you at Naga Sadow’s tomb.

I also took into account that many people like T7nowhere's Weapons of the Old Republic Mod (WotOR), so I made a compatibilty UTC file for Yuthura Ban; use that UTC file only if you are using T7's mod. For those who are using Prime’s Jedi Model mod, this mod is designed so it will not conflict with it.

This mod will require you to have a saved game before you land on Korriban. That way you will get all the benefits that is mod will provide.

Special Thanks: I would like to thank JCarter426 and Emperor Devon for beta testing.


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