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Originally posted by Kettch:
<STRONG>The running speed in a battle should be decreased. There could be a perseverance limit, so you aren't able to run, jump and attack with the saber the whole time...</STRONG>
I don't see how they could limit it when people are going to use Force Speed anyway. The best bet is the Lightsaber only mode with NF, which will even the playing field.

I'm not sure the standard run speed should be reduced either. In JK it wasn't really that fast for the rest of the game due to the size of the levels. It only became a problem when duelling.

Having said that, if they could come up with a speed similar to that used in Rune (without patches), I think they would be on the right track.

Also, in terms of lightsaber duels, I would personally want to see a bit more action/reaction and strategy, as in Severance: Blade of Darkness.

I've only played the demo of that game, and although the controls were unresponsive, and some of the moves were slow, it did allow for some proper blocking, and you had to really time your attacks. It's a bit similar with Rune - timing is essential. So I would definitely want to see something similar in Jedi Outcast.

If they implement the same sort of combo-moves as Heretic 2, then I think lightsaber duels could become pretty intense, and a lot more enjoyable.
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