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Okay, I don't know if anyone knows me or not, but I play Tohee Liveewidee on Kauri. I had to stop playing because my yearly subscription became too expensive, for the time being to anyone that knows me.

I must say, that I understand about the old game and what it used to be like. Fortunately, I got a taste of Pre-nge life. But, I didn't get very far with it. By the time, Nge happened, I was still a level 8 carbineer with no real future.

One of the good things about NGE is the way they made it so that new players get a taste for the game and like it. I enjoyed talking to the real Han Solo, Harrison Ford. You make it to 10 levels and then start the game. After that, you go through a series of quests called Legacy that gets you up to level 50. After that, Kashyyyk helps, but that's where they leave you. It took me another year to make it to 90.

Anyway enough history, the current game is fun! The most enthusiastic players are the brand new ones, but I've even seen several hardcore veterans say, "This is fun!" The Chapters revamped everything including space. I now, have a reason to go into space and have fun pulling Gs. I can get all kinds of collections loot that I can either use or sell. I encourage people to give it a try.

No, I'm not being paid by SOE, I don't even like some of what they do, but the game itself is fun! According to them, the old code was much harder to modify, and correct than the current game code. I have to agree with them, they seem to come out with a quick fix every week or two. They are always fixing bugs, in the game. They come to your aid if you get stuck or broken. I still haven't complete Legacy on my main character because it's actually broken, and when I asked them about it they didn't know why. I don't either, Tohee is the only character I have that didn't get to complete Legacy.

I don't like the time line either, for one thing TIE Interceptors and B-wings were not yet invented, during this time line. Not to mention, it's pointless to join the rebellion because the game never goes forward in time, either. The Empire always wins in the end. There's no room for change. I think, they should place the time line during the time of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, personally. That way, they can explain all the Jedi and Sith walking around.

What makes you think Bioware would do a better job, for one thing all they did with KoTOR was reproduce the rules from the Wizards of the Coast paper based RPG, second it Obsidian did a much better job as far as game play is concerned. Second, and I had this conversation with a guild mate on ventrilo, the Knights of the Old Republic and it's sequel are best designed for a one player environment. Can you imagine, voice actors in SWG? Except Harrison Ford, who did a wonderful job with the tutorial, there are no voice actors. Mainly, because of the vast number of npcs in the game.

The current SWG is more of a First person shooter than a role-playing game. It's still dice based, but it's unnoticeable, unlike KoTOR, meaning hiding behind a box does nothing for you. It's funny watching NPCs attack you through the wall or closed door. Anyway, I understand, now why they can't give you KoTOR on a grand scale.

I wish, it could be virtual reality, or even better, the Matrix, just plug in and everything is real, and even the food will nourish you. But, that's only partically science fiction. Virtual reality is not that advanced, yet, but it's starting to get there with the Wii.

Anyway, try the current game, and see how you like it. I love Collections, I could do that for a long time.

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