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First Planet/Already Lv.12

Hey guys, i've got a simple question. Im playin KOTOR 2 and Nar Shaddaa is my first planet. Exile is already on level 12, alliies are level 11. Brianna and Mira aren't Jedis yet, but i want to shift them onto light side. I only had one fight with Brianna, so think it'll maybe take some more time to make her a Jedi. Now the question: Isnt that too late? Or is it normal that they become a Jedi so late? I mean she will be maybe Level 14. Perhaps i did too much Side Quests on Nar Shaddaa and Telos?! I hope you know what i mean, because i dont know how to express myself, because i have a bad english.

greetings, ther
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