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Well, althgouh topping everyones original re-action and emotion they felt ,when playing JK ,will be a dificult task, believing that JK2 will not be the better of the 2 games is a harder notion to swollow. Nearly 7 years have past since development started on JK, which is about a century in technology years. Being in the business, and knowing a little bit about the enternal make-up of Raven,( I'm in Orange County, which is farily close to Raven, as I work for a develoment company) through its years of experiance and staff off "all game" developers, not to mention their track record with game development( SOF,EF,ETC)I would bet my left arm that this game is going to set the bar a little higher, as did JK. Although the initial reaction and overwealming exitement we endured when JK was relased, due to the fact it was the first of its kind, will never be matched, I can gurantee that there are going to be aspects of the JO that will far exeed our expecations and more.....JO will be the Action game of the year for 2002......

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