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Hey, Vagabond! Where have you been? Welcome, anyway...

I think the only reason we are seeing JKII in development now is...

1. Because they cancelled Obi-Wan for the PC, and needed to fill that void.
2. Because of the feedback from the survey they conducted.

I'm not sure they planned on doing JKII at this time - but they're doing it, so I'm happy. My only qualms are if they've allowed enough of a budget, and enough time for the development of the game.

What I find really promising is something that was said recently - maybe in the chat log. Anyway, they haven't ruled out doing another game in the series after this one. I just hope they do a sequel to Jedi Outcast sooner than this sequel has been - say, two years after this one comes out would be okay by me.

I'm hoping they are going to really take this genre a lot more seriously in the future, and get into a regular development cycle. Star Wars is one of the best possible settings for FPS games, and they have so many opportunities to excel, with so much scope for variation to keep the genre fresh and exciting.

I have no doubts that Jedi Outcast will be a very good game. I just hope the engine they are using can deliver the same sense of scale as that used for JK.
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