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Originally Posted by Bs|Rogue52
All LA needs to do is hit off the traditional star wars nostalgia, offer a decent game that runs smoothly. The game in its self is great, and is unique in its game play.
CoD hasn't changed greatly over the four generations, just because its been awhile since the release of SWBF2, does not mean that this game needs to be wildly different. Maybe offer a fee new options/variety of maps, and maybe a more modern battle such as destructible environments.
Agreed. You need a poignant game, not one where the point of the game is clouded by new features. Customizables? We don't need them. The movies are made, the looks are set. A customizable Jedi, perhaps. I agree with melee attacks, since a soldier that rounds a corner and smacks into an enemy isn't going to fire, he's going to hit. And the Jedi should be MORE easily killed. An unarmored Jedi wouldn't eat a face full of buckshot and then kill the engineer. Or perhaps a couple of snipe shots...mines should definitely be jumpable and have a decreased detonation range. I'm sorry, but walking a meter away from it shouldn't set it off. Make it less heavy-engineer friendly.
I'm skeptical of the speculation that LA is going to even make a third. Perhaps it would be a combo of 1&2 with all the new features and a campaign with both sides.

Originally Posted by LordJhredmo
It is LucasArts.
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