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Well, I know my exile was around 36 when I went up against Kreia (No cheats, no KSE... And I think I might've used the Hississ (Sp?) glitch without knowing it was there!) and she was ruddy difficult! I tried about ten to eleven times to kill her, and I eventually managed it with mines! I had to mine to core so much that I almost overloaded my GPU/CPU displaying the explosions. But, it was always the Three Lightsabers that got me.

But, I think I was too thorough on my play through, but I thought it went by far too quickly (16h54m) in order to beat it. Compared K1's 21h34m without many sidequests!

The only hard Sith Lord was really Traya Or Kreia, Nihilus and Sion were too easy... I wonder if I should go through and change that once I re-install?
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