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Originally Posted by Ctrl_Alt_Del
Aye? I think you mean Force Powers. Because, IIRC, Guardians gain feats quicker than the other classes.
I thought it was the other way around... perhaps I'm remembering incorrectly though. I remember only getting feat upgrades every 3 level-ups or so, but always having a power upgrade.

Originally Posted by ForeverNight
Well, I know my exile was around 36 when I went up against Kreia (No cheats, no KSE... And I think I might've used the Hississ (Sp?) glitch without knowing it was there!) and she was ruddy difficult! I tried about ten to eleven times to kill her, and I eventually managed it with mines! I had to mine to core so much that I almost overloaded my GPU/CPU displaying the explosions. But, it was always the Three Lightsabers that got me.

But, I think I was too thorough on my play through, but I thought it went by far too quickly (16h54m) in order to beat it. Compared K1's 21h34m without many sidequests!
Wow - our games were very different. First, it took me 57 hours to finish my playthrough, which is more than 3 times as long as yours. Second, Kreia/Traya was an extremely easy battle for me. My life never approached even the half-way level. Perhaps it was my upgraded armor? I dunno. I only used my lightsaber and an occasional force wave for that fight and I had no problems at all.
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