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Originally Posted by Ctrl_Alt_Del
Except if you make use of the aforementioned Hssiss glitch.
Well, yes. But I'm talking about the good old fashioned non-cheat way.

Originally Posted by Totenkopf
Seems the main boost you get from going up to 50 (or as close as you can) is the reservoir of force points and life energy is greater, meaning you can last longer.
Odds are you'll have more FP and VP than you'll ever need by Telos anyway.

Originally Posted by ForeverNight
Well, I know my exile was around 36 when I went up against Kreia (No cheats, no KSE... And I think I might've used the Hississ (Sp?) glitch without knowing it was there!) and she was ruddy difficult!
Kreia's the only NPC that will level up to you at the end of the game. So the stronger you are, the stronger she is. Compare that to Sion and Nihilus, who will never break level 20, no matter what.

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