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Firstly I would like to thank all the modders who contributed in creating this amazing mod! I'm using the 1.1 build updated with the 2 patches to 1.3 found in I was wondering 2 things:

The first is a technically a mod conflict; I say technically because the conflict doesn't actually screw up anything. I have the movie hilt replacer mod which susbtitues the game's original sabers and I know this doesn't conflict with the new custom sabers here. However, that mod substitues Malak's saber for Dooku's and this mod gives Malak a brand new hilt; so I was curious what would I have to do to have Malak use the Dooku hilt of the other mod? I figure either modding a Malak utc or deleting the file that changes his hilt to custom, but I am very limited in modding so I asked.

The second thing was I installed the mod over a already in process game; I was doing quests in Dantooine. After I installed this, I loaded my save to see if everything loaded ok and I indeed began to see the new hilts right away (I saw Bastila with her new double bladed saber hilt) however I have Carth with me in the party and he did not have his new blasters, he had the original single default blaster. I couldn't really find out any information on this so were his new blasters hidden away before Dantooine and I missed picking them up? Or do I have to start a brand new game so the new blasters replace the default one from the beginning?

I'm starting a brand new game soon so if the blasters were missed or need a new game that's not a problem, I was just covering my bases that I hadn't missed something that I needed to fix like the issue with Bandon's Kashyyyk utc.


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