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Originally Posted by TKA-001
If by silver you mean white, then yes, silver. I honestly don't see how the "silver" blade in K2 is silver as opposed to white.
What type of screen do you use while playing? PC or XBox? I played on an XBox and, while at a hotel, the silver blade was hard to differentiate from the white on a crappy TV. But when I played at home, on the 65" screen with HD upconvert, it was easily discernible as silver (and not white).

Originally Posted by TKA-001
Lightsabers deflecting other types of energy isn't a power, it's just what the blade does.
Windu's blade didn't just deflect lightning; it redirected it in a loop back to the lightning-user.

Originally Posted by TKA-001
What exactly does it mean to "upgrade" a lightsaber? An un-"upgraded" lightsaber certainly can cut through virtually anything except a few select materials (or a very large amount of durasteel).
In KotOR, the upgrades included things like different emitters that focused the blade or made it broader, and sometimes brighter. The different crystals had different effects on the wielder as well, such as adding wisdom.
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