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DID you know that...(TSL discussion)

1. The Medical bay and the Czerka offices on Telos are actually the same room just with different things in and in different areas? - You find out that if you have the opendoor power from handy force powers mod -

2. That Atton Rand wasn't supposed to originally be in TSL? He was meant to be in JK JA.

3. That the Exchange suite looks like a redress of the Ithorian Compound? - This is my opininon -

4. Sion is a right pain to kill? - lol, I hate the guy so don't expect a nice word about him, unless I'm stating info. Pun lol, Pain to kill, Sion's the Lord of Pain -

5. Kreia is a right pain in the tushy? - She's nearly impossible to please, unless it goes against moral ethics. Not starting on the fact, she's bloody stuck at Grey Level. Yet she's a Sith Lord -

6. That there are no feats to bloody increase FPs on Jedi Guardians? - I have posts asking for a mod to do it, but no one will take it up -

A nice song, fits them perfectly.
The Mandalorians - The Chosen Ones

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