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Yes I did know....

Originally Posted by Paul Rhodes
1. The Medical bay and the Czerka offices on Telos are actually the same room just with different things in and in different areas? - You find out that if you have the opendoor power from handy force powers mod -
Its part of the same space station... which was probably built in quite a hurry due to Telos being somewhat deaded by Malak. So it would seem much like some shopping malls where all the shops have the same structure; the space station was the same. That or Obsidian didn't have that fine attention to detail, and had a rushed production schedule. I like to think its the former rather than the latter.

Originally Posted by Paul Rhodes
2. That Atton Rand wasn't supposed to originally be in TSL? He was meant to be in JK JA.
That fact is so 2005 and...

Originally Posted by TK-001
The name Atton was supposed to be in JK, not the character.
Originally Posted by Paul Rhodes
3. That the Exchange suite looks like a redress of the Ithorian Compound? - This is my opininon -
A thread entitled 'Did you know' would indicate it has a set of sustatiated fact, nor conjecture.

Originally Posted by Paul Rhodes
4. Sion is a right pain to kill? - lol, I hate the guy so don't expect a nice word about him, unless I'm stating info. Pun lol, Pain to kill, Sion's the Lord of Pain -
He's a Sith Lord, he's not exactly up there with Jar Jar Binks in the easy to kill category...

Although, I didn't actually think he was hard to beat, especially on Malachor, a speed flurry would normally do him.

Originally Posted by Paul Rhodes
5. Kreia is a right pain in the tushy? - She's nearly impossible to please, unless it goes against moral ethics. Not starting on the fact, she's bloody stuck at Grey Level. Yet she's a Sith Lord -
Isn't that the point of her charachter?

Do not diss Kreia, I will set Nietzsche on you!

Originally Posted by Paul Rhodes
6. That there are no feats to bloody increase FPs on Jedi Guardians? - I have posts asking for a mod to do it, but no one will take it up -
Why would you want to increase FP's on a Guardian, why wouldn't you just go a Consular?

I hope my replies were amusing

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