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Moved thread from the Unknown Regions to Telos Tourist Bureau since this is about TSL and not a potential Kotor 3.

Originally Posted by Paul Rhodes
6. That there are no feats to bloody increase FPs on Jedi Guardians? - I have posts asking for a mod to do it, but no one will take it up -
Guardians are supposed to be melee characters and put all their Force knowledge into fighting, hence the reason why they don't have as many force powers or points.

There's no need to make a mod for it, that's why no one's taken the job. You can a. pick a class that has more Force points, b. increase your Wisdom, which will increase your Force points, c. use the Regenerate Force Points feat which will make them regenerate faster, d. Use the Force Affinity power, e. Use the Force Body power, f. Use the Force channel power, g. use the Kasha crystal to increase Wisdom, h. use the Qixoni crystal to increase Force point regeneration, i. use the Kaiburr crystal to increase Wisdom, and/or j.Use the Kotor Savegame editor to increase your Force point pool. Please don't complain no one's helping you with a mod when it looks like you haven't explored all the options the game has to offer for you to achieve what you want.

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