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I'm Grant "GloKidd" Yeager, i obviously don't really glow and at just about 26 years i'm hardly a kid I got the nickname during one of those seedy rave things that everyone was into a few years back. Basically i bought about 200$ worth of Glo-Sticks, activated and taped them all over myself and wandered around dancing (LSD may or may not have been involved :P ) and the nick has stuck ever since.

I too am a member of the brown hair-brown eyes club(although my eyes tend to change between brown and green a lot, technically making them hazel, or something) My hair is currently 2 and a half feet long and my eyes dont see too well. Im generally about 5'6" around the right people but have been told by others that there is no chance in hell that i am actually that tall so i guess its probably about 5'4"-5'5".

I spent most of the first half of my life dedicated to Monkey Island and the Martial Arts (the art'ish type, not competitive) purely so i could enforce my love of the game on anyone i ever met :P (almost totally joking here). Currently, like millions of other former film-students, i am a film-maker between jobs who loves to spend all his time online on forums and chatrooms. I love to read.

My favorite authors are generally within Sci-fi and Fantasy topped by Terry Pratchett and Matthew Stover. I most likely will get e-burned for this but i am a huge fan of the Star Wars novels, having read pretty much every one several times.

My current hobbies include collecting Lucasarts titles (specifically those from the MI series, My goal is to one day have at least one copy of all the myriad releases from all over the world) Re-discovering PC gaming through Steam, and enjoying the current lineup of consoles. Oh yeah i guess i like movies too :P
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