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Fire at will

1) Darth Vader uses force protect against blaster fire in Ep5
That's not force protect. It's just the armor on Vader's suit.

Emerald Lightning and Force Lighting are two different things altogether. Emerald causes pain but does not harm flesh, Force Lightning is a projection of hate and pain that causes pain and mutilates the body.
What? Emerald lightning is shown to kill people instantly.

Dark Empire is ludicrous, but not because of Luke falling to the Dark Side. The Force Storms, for example, are the most ridiculous plot hole I've ever seen - I.E., why didn't he use them to destroy the Rebel Fleet amassing at Sullust before the Battle of Endor?
You forgot the use of the force to absorb canon fire from an AT-AT walker before crushing it to bits with the force, walking on top of lava (someplace other than Dark Empire), and force lightning which kills people instantly (NJO). That's just off the top of my head.

Why do you find Dark Empire unacceptable? I personally thought it was a great sotry,and remember, it was written before any of the chilidsh "chosen one" crap was made up. I personally think Luke is more Jedi than Anakin will ever be, even though hes only the "catalyst" that allowed Anakin to complete the prophecy.

Also, I think Dark Empire was a great story, GL himself said it was the closest thing to a sequel trilogy there is. What do you have against it?
Since when does the Chosen One have to be a Jedi at all? That aside, there is no way I can comprehend the idea of a real person saying with a straight face that Dark Empire is a good, the Lord God himself forbid a great story. With this post I enclose a list of reasons.

1. The [aforementioned] insane force powers.

2. It follows the plot device entitled "When in doubt, resurrect the old main villain".

3. Palpatine returning and reunifying the Empire with a gigantic amount of overpowered ships and superweapons in practically the blink of an eye completely destroys the sense that the heroes ever accomplished anything in Episode 6. It's even lamer that he can resurrect himself over and over with the clone bodies junk.

4. The drawing style put Chuck Norris into a coma when he tried to read it (true story).

5. The unneeded load of overpowered superweapons that Palpatine whips up like popcorn. The best example is, of course, the "Galaxy Gun", which is basically the concept of the Death Star, but on enough crack and steroids to run a smuggling ring with.

6. Palpatine becomes an absolute idiot in Dark Empire. The idea that he would seriously want Luke as an apprentice after Episode 6 is an insult to his character. He himself saw firsthand that Luke's family has a history of treachery. Why would he take such a chance again when he really doesn't need to?

7. Palpatine acts like gigantic flaming moron throughout Dark Empire, but the magnitude of his idiocy doesn't hit full force until the climax, where he decides that his best course of action is (in order to escape death from his current degenerating body) to transfer his mind into the body of an infant. Just what the hell was he thinking?

I seriously cannot imagine there being a need for any more reasons. All of those were off the top of my head. Your statement that this is any less "childish" than the Chosen One plotline is an absolute mystery to me. Say what you want about the prequels, but Dark Empire makes the worst mistakes a storyline can have, including repeated resurrection of the main villain, ridiculous plot holes, overpowered weapons, overpowered characters, and the corruption of a formerly excellent villain into a blithering retard.

Because if he had destroyed the fleet at Sullust, he wouldnt have got the chance to seduce Luke as his apprentice, because Luke was more powerful potentially than Vader, so he wanted Luke to continue the Sith legacy.
Luke was not crucial to the Empire's success. Palpatine having an apprentice at all wasn't necessary either. The only reason he kept Vader around was because there was no reason to get rid of him, and he kept officers in line and so on. Besides, if Luke wasn't an option, Jerec could have made just as good an apprentice.

Besides, even if that excuse wasn't full of holes, it still doesn't explain why Palpatine didn't just use the force storms at Endor after Luke was on the Death Star II. And don't say that he couldn't because he was busy concentrating on the affair with Luke and Vader, because Dark Empire shows him to be capable of controlling a Force Storm while watching TV and running on a treadmill (a real multi-tasker).

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