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Not just a battleground, a planet

Well I've been thinking, some of the maps were a bit crowded. We all know this in Polis Massa's long corridors. What if we had tons of AI and multiplayer player counts like 64 like in battlefield 2 or 128 like in Unreal Tournament 3. Then we could have larger scale battles. If this came true we could have a space battle that is actively linked with a ground battle on the planet below. So if are on the ground in a massive battle and you see a starfighter, you can up in and fly up to the atmosphere then through to the another massive battle in the orbit of planet. Once there you see a that one of your capital ships is in flames and is headed toward the planet. That ship is not going to just disappear like in other games, it will race toward the planet surface. It will crash and cause active damage to the map. These battles can be placed in huge servers holding hundreds of people and you can just jump in and out of servers all you want. The environment will be changed during the game by falling capital ships and and huge explosions and other stuff. It would make for a all around fluid gameplay feel. Of course you could still play on a small portion of the map. If you have questions about this ask me.
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