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Originally Posted by Valkian
This is Sam! I haven't cut my hair in... seven or eight months (in your face Kroms!). I love "introduce yourself" posts, they are soooo much funnn. Well, no, not really. But, yes, they are. It's confusing.
I haven't updated The Dig Museum, in a longer period of time than my last hair update. I guess that's embarrassing and sort of annoying... and what about that Thrillville website? I haven't touched that since I made it. But I'll do all that... eventually (2048), as my love for mojo hasn't faded at all.

And what else... oh yeah, I choose Pepsi over Coke, whenever I can choose. Very important. And basically that...
I'm aiming for seven months.

COKE FOREVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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