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I live at the bottom of the world in New Zealand. Married for 9 years, 3 kids (7, 5, 3). I work from home (freelance graphic design, website design) most of my clients being in the NZ Music Industry. I worked at Sony Music before the merger with BMG, so picked up a lot of contacts through that. I turn, ulp, 37 later this year.

Working from home means it's me who looks after the 3 year old and runs the other two to school etc.

I've dabbled in game modding, writing comprehensive tutorials for Jedi Academy & Lego Star Wars character skinning and working on the Dark Forces mod for Jedi Academy.

I also worked for 10 years in the wine industry (including abandoning a Masters degree in Oenology as I couldn't be bothered finishing my thesis - got all my papers though, so equivalent to a postgrad diploma, I guess). Worked in a number of NZ wineries, plus Geyser Peak near Sonoma in Northern California.

With the kids we don't get out to the movies much (though Indy will be a definite exception), and I tend to start reading books and then never finish them (much like my gaming habits).

So I watch a fair bit of TV, loved Flight of teh Conchords when that was on a few months back. Currently really liking 30 Rock and Lost.
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