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Ztalker said this:

The two I bolded are the ones that look exactly like the one from the 'evolution' toy set. So it means there is at least an Evil and a good ending.
1. Apprentice (Bounty Hunter Disguise)
2. Apprentice (Corellian Flight Suit)
3. Apprentice (Father's Robes)
4. Apprentice (Light Training Gear)
5. Apprentice (Training Gear)
6. Apprentice (Raxus Prime Survival Gear)
7. Apprentice (Sith Robes)
8. Apprentice (Jungle Combat Gear)
9. Apprentice (Industrial Explorer Outfit)
10. Ultimate Good
11. Qui-Gon Jinn
12. Obi-Wan Kenobi
13. Anakin Skywalker
14. Darth Vader
15. Luke Skywalker (from Episode IV)
16. Luke Skywalker (from Episode VI)
17. Mace Windu
18. Ultimate Evil
19. Shaak Ti
20. Darth Maul
21. Count Dooku
22. Asajj Ventress
23. Master Rahm Kota
24. Aayla Secura
25. Mara Jade
26. Darth Phobos
27. Maris Brood

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