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Hello. I've been a mixnmojo reader for ages. I have a degree in applied mathematics and am currently studying music composition, because that's what I want to do. I'm 25, and I've played adventure games ever since the age of four, thanks to my father, who took me to his job (and tortured me with English-language quizzes before I could start off Zak McKracken - see the mojo article for more info).

Apart from LucasArts, I grew up with a fair bit of Sierra adventures, although mostly was obsessed with Space Quest, and Leisure Suit Larry (for obvious reasons for both). Was a huge fan of the Gobliiins series, and was very happy to have lived my early teen years with the development of what is probably the "golden era" of CD-ROM adventures. I am a rabid fan of Revolution Software Broken Sword series, The Last Express, Little Big Adventure, all things LucasArts, TellTale, DoubleFine, and Nintendo. May also say some kind things about less popular titles, such as Lost Eden, or Discworld games. Don't freak out. I just have terrible taste.

Oh, I also happen to be obsessed with Great Britain for no good reason whatsoever. Well, I suppose if you don't count things like their tv shows, and electronic music. I'm not American, despite living in the states at the moment.
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