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The only problems I really think are Vrook being perhaps too heard if DS and Dantooine is your first planet and Nihilus being too weak. Personally I think the rest are your own pet peves.

Personally I like Sion; I think he has a unique and strange force power gift; which makes him hard to kill.

Originally Posted by Paul Rhodes
I really was annoyed at the fact of Shem's super enhanced mod. It's damn impossible to live past the first two droids, unless you know how. But I found Vrook more annoying.
Why is Shem's mod in this thread? If you don't have the skill to survive level 1 with it installed, then maybe take the hint and don't have it installed.

How is there not enough Force Point regeneration? Even Yoda and Sidious get tired, infact, at least it seems to me all your requests tend to be for God items; if thats your thing fine, but don't moan about game mechanics especially TSL where your PC ends up well over powered in comparison to other enemies anyways.

Jedi Guardians AREN'T meant to have lots of FP, if you want FP go a different class, and quit moaning about people not making a pointless mod; if you want it, frankly do it yourself, the rest of us happily go Consular class if wanting more FP. You could always go Sentinal which is in the middle.

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