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Originally Posted by Paul Rhodes
What are the most annoying things in TSL? -Please only pick 3 max Story not included-
How do you describe it as 'annoying'? You could consider it 'poorly written' (the erroneousness of that opinion notwithstanding), but I don't see what could make it irritating.

Originally Posted by Paul Rhodes
Not enough FP's for Jedi Guardians? Request not answered for a mod to sort this
The whole point of the Guardian class is to *not* have enough Force points, so as to offset how much better it is in melee than Sentinels and Consulars. If you wanted a god class, you should've had that as a poll option. (And you can simply cheat your Wis score to obscene levels, in any case.)

Originally Posted by Paul Rhodes
Shem's mod that kills people at LV 1? No offence Shem
Er, don't install it if you don't like it? :/

This seems more like an attempt to jab at various mods (and lack thereof) or parts of the gameplay you dislike rather than an actual poll, IMO.

On topic: I probably disliked the scaled gameplay more than anything else. As if the poor AI and overpowered items in the game weren't enough, all the enemies scale to your level and any potential for challenge is squashed. At least in KotOR I a first-level character could be slaughtered by Malak; in TSL the same character should be able to take on the various Sith Lords. (IIRC they don't have very many hit points by default. It's all simply added in accordance to whatever your PC's level is.)

Originally Posted by Sabretooth
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