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"Do we have anything defense-wise? Automated turrets... what about that HK droid? he boasts about himself after all."

"Statement: I am a unique model, mind you. Quite efficient in performance mind you. But the probability of me standing up to a squad of 15 hostilities alone is quite low."

"Well, we probably won't have much time to plan since these guys are probably going to shoot to kill, so, for now, yeah, great plan."

"I don't think they mean to kill us... yet. I mean, why else would they pull our ship in with a tractor beam?"

Though the station of tainted with the darkside, Dwain could manage to feel the presence of two familiar people on board. Revan and the Exile...

"Well, no sense in hiding. They already know we're here... I wonder exactly how technologically advanced these sith-scum are? Anybody here good with Slicing?"
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