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Originally Posted by Darth_Sharrak
She definitely would have been killed, she may have put up a fight though. Anakin was the prophesized "chosen one", and was the reason Palpatine set him up to become his apprentice in the first place, Vader wasn't ever "beaten" until Episode VI by his own son, but even then Anakin left the darkside.
Knowing what we know as movie-watchers, we know Vader would have defeated Shaak Ti. We also knew Sidious would somehow defeat Mace Windu. Does that mean Windu's character should not have confronted Sidious? Your point is moot. Shaak Ti didn't know Vader would defeat her, and she's a Jedi Master that should not have been afraid to confront him.

Again, maybe she didn't even have the chance to, but knowing what we know about it at this point, she should have tried to defeat Vader and help some of the younglings escape as she did.
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