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Nope. What Traya says is that
1/ Telos will become one big and influent technological center thanks to Czerka. The only drawback is that Telosians will still be haunted by Karath's slaughter.
2/ Hutts and the Exchange will fight for Nar Shaddaa's control as the latter starts to get more and more power (thanks to the Exile). It will become even worse for Refugees.
3/ Onderon will keep its unity and culture from separating from the Republic, unlike the LS ending where Talia ends destroying completly the planet's customs.
4/ Dantooine will become a mercenaries and smugglers planet. Nobody will remember that Jedi were once there.

I guess that except for Dantooine and Nar Shaddaa, planets' fate are fairly good.
Well, from a certain point of view, of course... ^^

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