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^ That can be it, everybody knows that wookies are huge 2 meter tall tedd. erm.. beings.

The stormies were not prepared for a counter attack and got overconfident when the Ewoks arrived as backup for the Rebels.

I think this is what was going on inside those white helmets:

Stormie 1: Hey look, Teddy Bears!
Stormie 2:Cuteeeeeeeee! <3
Stormie 3: Is this supposed to be some kind of ambush? They are just rudimentary life forms; destroy them!!

[Battle takes place, the firsts to die are Stormie 1 & 2, the Ewoks win!]

Stormie 5: Rudimentary life forms my @$$...
Stormie 3: Oh shut up

baby Ewok : PWND!!!!

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