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I have recently been setting up a clan for the ps2 version with a friend of mine it's been in planning for a while but was officialy created only today.

We promote random insanity amongst our members and forum activity.We have a more relaxed approach to the game but that dosn't mean you can do what ever the hell you want oh no we have rules such as
- smart dress must be worn (feather boas and flouresant jackets optional)

I havn't had much time to work on the forums (which are here <snippet>) so sorry if they look a bit drab they will be changed some time soon.

Edit:Made a first attempt at a main banner, I'm undecided on it at the moment and If you want to join send me a message because apparently the name was inapropriate and SOMEBODY edited it out I mean come on we all the the `big bad` words around here this seems a bit rediculous.

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