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Rather than merge, I'll use this to kick off something I was pondering for a while... an important updates thread, where people can post links to newly released drivers, hotfixes, updates, handy utils etc they think may be useful to others. Keep the killer apps in their thread, but feel free to post a version update her if you want...

I'll do my best to keep it updated on the GPU/codec side of things (my main area of interest)

@Linux pros >> feel free to add info, links you feel are important

* * *

Current drivers:

Nvidia WHQL:

May/June 2008

175.16 (XP x86)

175.16 (Vista x86)

175.16 (Vista x64)

If you have older >6100, FX/MX etc cards, it is suggested you read the release notes before downloading any current version. If you have a non windows OS, please check, of course)

For the adventurous, non-WHQL beta drivers(usually those packaged with new cards or leaked by beta testers). Recommended only if you are after a specifically mentioned bugfix, or are a driver junkie

Courtesy Guru3d

May 2008

175.70 (XP x86)

175.70 (Vista x86)

175.70 (Vista x64)

ATI Catalyst WHQL
May 2008

Catalyst 8.5 (XP x86)

Catalyst 8.5 (Vista x86)

Catalyst 8.5 (Vista x64)

* * *

Vista Codec Pack
Contains Updated FFDshow, Xvid, DivX and common tools. Custom install allows you to select only bits you want.

Current versions and release notes at compilers site

JUN 2008

4.70 VCP for Vista x86
1.4.9 x64 Components add-on for Vista x64 >>a must for x64 Users! (Install along with the standard VCP)

Site includes links for Quicktime alt add on for VCP and some very useful tools/apps

K-lite Codec Pack

JUN 2008

XP/2000/Vista > 3.9.5 standard, basic, full versions & releases notes >>HERE

Or those that prefer the XP Codec Pack

JUN 2008
XP Codec Pack 2.3.8

* * *

Have fun


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