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I would like to see all of the weapons from Jedi Knight, make a comeback in Jedi Knight II. The weapons would of course beed to be more balanced, but with a modern day netcode(Q3/UT/EF/T2) that isn't all that difficult. One of the main reasons that Jedi Knight's weapons weren't all that balanced were because of the netcode.

I feel that it would be a mistake to not inhibit explosive weapons such as Mines(with 2 modes as in MotS) and Thermal Detonators. I would also like to see an option to shoot mines with a blaster or another weapon to make them explode, instead of just having to use explosive weapons to do so.

I'm hoping that this game won't revolve around Saber combat like we seem to be seeing with Obi Wan. The Star Wars universe is a huge one, and the majority of it's characters don't use a Lightsaber. Let's also not forget that alot of us have other characters who are our favorites, such as Han Solo or Chewbacca.

I don't want some silly Jedi blocking everything that I shoot at him/her. I don't think that is balance. If they want to be able to evade getting shot by spread damage, they should have to master movement strategies like we see in Unreal Tournament with the flips and things(hitting left or right 2 times quickly). Good movement will make the Lightsaber balance out nicely with the guns.

One thing that I did love in Jedi Knight, was the fast-paced/heart-pounding action that happened when someone with a Concussion Rifle and someone with a Lightsaber went head to head at close range. The person with the Concussion Rifle usually won if they had equal skill, but there's nothing scarier than having a Saberist under your feet trying to mow you down, while you're trying to waste him without splash-damaging yourself to death. Modern netcodes will make such a battle even more hardcore. I'm looking forward to something like this.
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