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A list of stuff they HAVE to remove and/or add:
  • Make the C Rifle better (AKA primary mode needs a function)
  • Kill Chain Lightning, Destruction, Deadly Sight, Protection, Far-Sight, Decoy, Jump, Blind, and Heal
  • ADD Recover(Sorta like heal, but it gradually goes up 20% every use), Solar Flare(basically like blind, but make a floating ball/sun that blinds you when you look at it, so when you turn away you can see, it would be helpful for running from a battle), Levitate(not fly, levitate. AKA force jump but when you use it it lasts for 20 seconds and reduces gravity by 1/2, so every time you jump you will go 2x higher), Regular Lightning(from JK, not MotS version), and also make absorb more like protection, so you can just combine the two.

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