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I get lag in certain places too. The worst place ive seen so far is the entire planet of Corellia on the Bria server, i have moments where im hitting an attack, waiting 5-10 seconds before it goes through, and then it doesnt fire but goes straight to the recharge time, so i have to wait even longer to attack. Luckily it hasnt killed me yet, but thats just pure lag skill =P

As for your issue, you need to upgrade your RAM. 1gb is ok to run the game on but if youve got a 4 slot motherboard go onto or and buy yourself at least four 1gb cards, if you got the money and your comp can hold it go for the 8gb (4x2gb) or the 16gb (4x4gb) but you really wont need THAT much memory unless you want your computer to travel faster then light. Your issue is that its trying to load so much information at 1 time, and your graphics card is able to load all that information at 1 time, and it tries to shove it all through your memory cards and they go nutz and the failsafe of the computer is to close the program rather then having your computer fry itself cause they cant process that much information. Just get as much memory as your motherboard will allow you to get.

Edit: Hard Drives a bit small too, but thats my opinion, 250gb will work fine, i just like to save as much information as i can on my computer.

2nd Edit: McAfee and Firewall are affecting your load time, but i wouldnt turn em off, cause the only reason theyre affecting it is because you dont have enough memory. Upgrade the memory and it SHOULD fix itself...when it comes to comps theres no telling what will happen until you do it
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