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Boyd is here and we bring you Lulz and feeesh

That's right were here and bring gifts of Lulz and feeesh (not fish but feeesh theres a HUGE difference) if you think we are talking about fish then you are epic phail that's right you fail so much it's spelt with a ph.

We at {Boyd} are all about the lulz and encourage forum activity and random insanity in general.{Boyd} has been in the planning stages for a while and was officialy created yesterday.We take a more casual approach to the game.

But don't think because we are randomly insane there are no rules oh no are stictest law which MUST be followed at all times is this:

-Smart dress to be worn at all times (feather boas and flouresant jacket optional)

Apparently the forum name is inappropriate so if you want to join just send me a message and I'll send you the link don't be scared of by the name it's named after this song -

And if you do well enough in {Boyd} you will get new exiting weapons such as this one
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