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Well, I think that echani girls do have a nice body, but the personality is really lacking. I would go for someone like Visas anytime. Maybe I will have to get her some blindfold, but at least I know she can be interesting to talk to, and with the same hot body if not more, plus probably much more kink!

Well, gotta stop Visas from being emo and listening to My Chemical Romance.

It would be interesting to see Brianna dying her hair blonde and yelling "When i Was...."

Originally Posted by CK51
Id go fro Brianna, shes hot.

Actually most of the girl in TSL have massive chest areas. Visas and Brianna in particular.

Contrast this to the character models in KOTOR....

Obsidian sure are kinky.
So did most Sith Ladies. Lear To USe The Force And be Busty!!! Anything from Jade to Darth Talon... they are all sizable.
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