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Originally Posted by assainator
.. wrong, i have vista, have eaw, foc, 1.1 patch, ueaw and all the things save in less than 30 seconds, even when our back-up is working. so vista+ backup= still save within 30 seconds
Where is the help for us who use XP SP2?

I start to believe thath its my computer-modell who are 'choosen' by a bug to not be compatibility with this game, feels kind of pointless to buy Force Corruption..but offcorse you could allso fantasize thath this will solvew the problem for some reason

Wow mutch free space in the game director drive does this game wants,a nd does it want a certain amount of space on the system drive? nothing is specified on the back cover atleast?

will there be a patch 1.06 or not by the way? if there will, i suggest some research in this matter
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