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Originally posted by ZeroXcape
<STRONG>We can't really disect these too much.</STRONG>
I agree. Looking at the architecture and the backdrops shown on the video clip, and comparing them with the screenshots we have on offer so far, I am pretty convinced that at least the majority of these screenshots are from the E3 demo level. Now, if I remember rightly, that level was put together purely for display purposes at E3 and won't be in the finished game. For this reason, I don't think we should be too analytical of these shots as yet.

It was mentioned in a number of previews that the demo at E3 exhibited a number of stormtroopers as well as one duel with a Dark Jedi. This seems to fit in pretty well with what we see in these screenshots.

What I do really like is the blaster rifle shown in the shot with the "fat" stormtroopers. It looks more like the original Dark Forces blaster rifle and less like the model used in JK, which I always thought was less visually impressive. I also really like the scope on the rifle shown in the same shot. I can't wait to recapture that great MotS feeling you got when you picked off a hapless stormtrooper miles away across a level. Top stuff!

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