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Incorrect. My entire argument was based on the fact that we don't know
At this point, you switch your position entirely.

Do you not agree that it's much more of a leap to assume it was impossible?
Considering the fact that the individual in question is as of now (to my knowledge) the only Jedi whatsoever to escape the attack on the temple, I can't see how it is a leap. There's also the obvious difficulties in finding and escorting any amount of younglings away from the Temple while being attacked by a gigantic army. Then, there's the matter of avoiding the numerous patrols of clone troopers that constantly guard the buildings around, avoiding being obliterated by the gunships and Star Destroyers, that surround the Temple, and so on. I'd consider it an almost insurmountably impressive accomplishment for a single person to escape the attack and then the planet, let alone escorting another person off-planet.

Probably not, so this conversation is pointless.
Vae victis.

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