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Originally Posted by TKA-001
Vae victis.
I'm glad you feel good about yourself or have some sense of accomplishment, but my comments were more of an indictment to your line or reasoning than a resignation.

Perhaps I am lacking information regarding her escape - or maybe you are assuming again - but does anyone know exactly how she escaped? I really don't know, so please, if you do, educate me. Did she hide out and wait for the invasion to end and then slip out? Did she know some secret exit? I would think knowing that information would be fairly important when assessing whether or not she's vindicated from any judgment about her actions (or inactions, rather). Since I don't know that information, it has (in every one of my posts) been my contention that I would reserve judgment until I do know. For whatever reason you seem to ignore that part of my statements. That's why this conversation is pointless, but if it makes you feel some sort of accomplishment or achievement, feel free to continue doing so.
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