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Smile Introduction or Intrusion

Mh, introduce or intrude?

Hi, Iīm Sven. I think you ought to know that! Iīm 19 years old. Iīve internet since 2005. You can say itīs not long ago. And was a little bit late. Iīve a PC since Iīm 8 years old and later I got my second LA-adventure: The Dig (2004 or 05). And from then on Iīm interested in LA. Later, I got Full Throttle (2004 or 05) and I bought all others later by myself (2005 or 06 and later). My first games were Dott (and MM), Goblins 3, BioMenace 1, Bash 1, Commander Keen 1-8, Harry 1 and so on. I canīt remember of all.
I live in Schwaikheim, thatīs near Stuttgart in Baden-Württemberg. Itīs in Germany, Europe, Earth uhm Milky Way.
My fathers uncle marryed an Englishwoman. But I saw him only 1 times in Germany. I wasnīt in Great Britain, yet. Before you ask: I learned nothing from him. I learnd english in school, like near everybody and the rest by myself. I asked my teacher about a few words (I knew the other words) and I translated the whole BioMenace 1 in my thoughts. Itīs ca. 8 or 7 years ago. I had an old 386 (Windows 3.11), 486 (Windows 3.11 and later 95), a Pentium 2 or 3 (Windows 98) and now a Pentium 4 (Windows XP) but Iīm on a new one. It must be a very good, fast PC. I hate the further development. I keep my P4 for internet and old games.
I make a train to a butcher. But donīt worry I donīt slaughter.
Iīm interested in adventure games (especially LucasArts or Star Wars Arts? ), walking (I like it, like in an adventure game like The Dig), music, internet, reading, swimming, Wikipedia a little bit, riding a bike and my car and in vehicles (Nissan/Datsun/Infiniti) Iīve one by myself and my father. My sister has a Ford.

Mh, did I forget anything?
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